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Residential Glass Sliding Doors (Telford)

For this job the customer wanted to open up the living room to the dining area without having to renovate the house and spend more money than necessary, a way to do this is by having glass doors, we suggested having sliding glass doors  to give the interior a modern feel instead of a door hinge that swings both ways as space was an issue here, having sliding glass doors takes up less room as you don't have a door rotating into either room. When the decision was made we removed a set of double doors that was already in place and got to work. On Return to the house we fitted the long slider above the door way for the glass to be fitted to, this is where the brackets are attached to the glass and fitted to the rail allowing them to slide freely with stoppers placed on either end of the rail.

Glass sliding doors are a great space saver and still offer great acoustic privileges along with a stylish contemporary look, you can also still have some privacy with sliding glass doors by adding manifestations.


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