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Residential Frameless Glass Doors

We were the finishing touch to this house based in the West Midlands, after it being extended, redesigned and renovated, the owner decided to keep the back room and kitchen completely open plan by having a door way without any doors what so ever. The problem he had was that when someone was watching tv in the backroom the sound was too loud in the kitchen as there’s no acoustic values in either room. The owner wanted to keep his open plan layout so went for frameless glass doors with no manifestations so we got to work.

First, we fitted an oak beam frame so we could get a solid fixing for the doors, we then squared the beaming up for the glass to be fitted properly. On return we fitted the Glass doors to the beam with a slow release swing so the door closes slowly and smoothly so that the door cannot swing and hit somebody at speed. 

The doors offer up to 48db of acoustic installation so now TV's can be watched in either room without it effecting the adjacent room and the owner keeps his open plan kitchen/lounge. 


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