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Ancol Pet Products (Bloxwich)

Ancol Pet Products was a first time customer and a very fun job to do as further things had to be done for the job to be completed, The clients wanted their offices to be built within the factory so for this to be done we had to have a bulk head built for our glass partition and track to be fitted to, the rectangle office was built within the factory with the walls being lifted off the floor a foot or so giving it a nice little feature as well as its 90 degree angle wall which is also lifted. 

A Glass office or glass wall is not only for an office environment but also suitable in an industrial environment or warehouse which this job shows perfectly, it's open feel connects the offices and warehouse so it's easy for communication yet gives the office workers it's privacy with the DB of the frameless glass high enough to block out enough sound from the factory.

After the measuring and installing of the track, we had to make adjustments to the bulk head on site for the glass to fit and sit nicely, we then fitted 12mm glass and frameless doors, no manifestations were added at the end as the owners wanted the job to be as open as possible.

Overall the project took just over 2 weeks to be completed included the building of the bulk head, the way a modern glass office integrates with a warehouse, the contrast between is simply stunning, Thanks to Ancol for the cooperation and being easy to work with.

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