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Fire rated glazing for optimum safety

Health and safety is of course extremely important, particularly in working environments where employers have a legal as well as moral responsibility to uphold the highest standards of protection.

Fire safety is a vital part of the bigger health and safety picture, and ensuring that you have the right precautions in place, not just to identify potential issues but to minimise risk should the worst happen is essential.

Having the correct fixtures and fittings installed can keep damage to a minimum and ensure simple and safe evacuation. Our fire rated glass partitions are an integral aspect of any successful fire protection strategy. 


Integrity and insulation protection

Now necessary features in all commercial fit-outs, fire rated partitioning products provide an important protective barrier without limiting light. Available in frameless or steel framed, our fire rated glazing systems have been designed and developed in accordance with the latest regulations, and range from 30 minutes integrity (represented in our range as 30/00) to 60 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation (represented as 60/60), allowing you to find the fire rated solution you require. The integrity reading of the glass relates to how long the product will withstand fire, whilst the insulation value details how many minutes the glass will hold the heat of the fire before you will feel it.

Alongside their fire rated integrity and insulation qualities, our fire rated products provide excellent sound insulation, properties which are detailed below for each of our fire rated partitioning systems:

Fire rated frameless – available in 30/00 and 30/30 – 36dB

Fire rated steel framed - available in 30/00 and 60/00 - 33dB

Fire rated steel framed - available in 30/30 - up to 38dB

Fire rated steel framed – available in 60/60 - up to 40dB

Select the right fire glass for your needs

Our expert team is always on hand to deliver advice and support across our fire rated and non fire rated partition range. For further information about how to select the right fire rated glass partition for your needs, please contact us direct.

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